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Learn What’s New in Business Applications

What’s New & Highlights in Business Applications: As a Microsoft Partner you need an option to keep up to date regarding what’s new in the Business Applications environment. The Technical Presales and Deployment Services team presents in this monthly webcast series all important news, articles and documents which were released during the last month. You will receive details from the marketing & sales side and also information about the technical news as well as the newly released documentation and trainings. During the webcast you can ask questions and provide feedback. View additional dates & languages at

Adopting PowerApps (Canvas Apps) and Microsoft Power Automate: During this event we introduce you to PowerApps (Canvas Apps) & Microsoft Power Automate as part of Power Platform. This session will help you better understand how to build and automate using these services from scratch through product demos. View additional dates & languages at

Adopting Dynamics 365 Business Central Feature Update Series: Learn about the latest features and updates that have been released for Dynamics 365 Business Central and dive deeper into specific technical capabilities. This webinar will build upon the information presented during “What is New in Business Applications” and focus exclusively on Dynamics 365 Business Central topics. View additional dates & languages at