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Bulk lead (follow) removal from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

I recently have gotten a few questions from other sellers and sales leaders on best practices for bulk lead (follow) removal from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

There are situations where a seller takes on a new territory or a new role where the contacts at a company they are targeting to sell value change. Here are some recommendations on ways to remove saved lead (unfollow) contacts.

“My Saved Leads” the bulk action can only support up to one page (25 entities) at a time. However, there are also a couple of other considerations/workarounds until LinkedIn R&D builds a way to do this in bulk.

  • Unsaving an Account will also unsave any Leads associated to that Account
  • If the Leads happen to be included in a Custom Lead List, you can delete a list and unsave all entities within it
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If you have found other ways to do this, please comment for others to learn from. 

If you have ideas for LinkedIn to consider for Sales Navigator, post them to as the R&D team at LinkedIn is listening.