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My co-author Melonie Dodaro from and I are publishing a book focused on helping sellers maximize their use of LinkedIn.  

The purpose of LinkedIn for Sales is to provide you, as a sales professional or sales leader, with proven, effective, and easy-to-follow strategies that modernize your selling approach – and unlock the potential of LinkedIn. When you enhance your sales skills with the social selling strategies from this book, you will find it easier to grow your network, build relationships, and boost your credibility and personal brand.

By following the process, you may see an impact in these key areas:

  • lead generation
  • more sales appointments
  • shortening the sales cycle
  • reputation management
  • customer retention
  • increased sales productivity.

If you find expectations placed upon the modern seller overwhelming and are looking for a proven, repeatable system that cuts through the noise and focuses on building profitable long-term relationships and producing tangible sales results, you won’t want to miss LinkedIn for Sales when it launches!

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